Various Forms of Marketing

Marketing is the management operation through which goods and services move from conception to the clients. It is based on considering about the business on customer demands and their satisfaction. It positions the entire business process comprising of a tightly incorporated attempt to discover, create, elicit, and meet customer requirements. There exist various kinds of marketing which include:
1. Digital marketing
It is also referred to as internet marketing which relates to commercializing of goods and services using digital technologies, primarily using the internet to drive home promotional marketing messages to the consumers. Digital marketing encompasses the following:
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
It is the kind of online marketing that boosts a business without paid adverts that appear on the search engine result page. The sooner and the more prevalent a site appears in the search result list, the more the visitor it will get from the search engine’s users. These visitants are easily converted into customers. SEO focuses on how search engines work, what clients seek, the keywords typed into the search engines, and which search engines are preferable by their intended multitude of customers. Some of the SEO tactics include increasing the number of back-links to a website, increasing the number of keywords, and making inclusions to a particular level. Other Internet marketing methods include;
• Search engine marketing (SEM)
• Display advertising
• Mobile advertising
• Affiliate marketing
• Content automation
• E-commerce marketing
• Social media optimization
• Cloud marketing (try out cloud marketing here)
• E-books and optical disks among others
Advantages of digital marketing
– It can reach a vast number of potential clients
– Consumers are substantially exposed to the product being advertised directly
– Advertisement is easy to access
– Adverts can be consulted at any time and place
– It is highly dependent on the internet and internet may not be accessible in certain areas; additionally, clients may be prone to poor, off internet connectivity.
2. Television advertisements
It is a span of television scheduling created and paid for the institution that imparts the message, generally to market a product or service.
– Ability to communicate to a vast number of potential customers.
– TVs ads usually attract attention, generate awareness and lay down preference for product and services.
– They are expensive and not suitable for smaller advertisers.
– Repetition of the TVs ads to convey the message is time-consuming.
– It’s hard to make changes to the message conveyed.
For more Advantages and Limitations of TV ads, check out the AllBusiness website.
3. Billboards
They are big advertising structures usually located in high traffic area, for instance along busy roads. They are used to convey a message about a product or service to the audience.
– It is a guarantee that your prospects will see the advert.
– They have customized placement.
– The message they convey must be brief.
– There needs a long-term commitment with the billboard companies.
Other forms of marketing include:
• Free Sample Marketing
• Business to business marketing
• Promotional marketing
• Newsletter marketing
• Trade shows marketing
According to a standpoint from the various forms of marketing outlined above, I would recommend internet/digital marketing as the best marketing method because of its immense number of advantages and because in the world we are living in today, a large number of the population want to do their research and business through the internet.

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