Massage Chair Vs. Massage Therapist

Massage has tremendous health benefits to the body of a human being. All body’s organs are made stronger or their functions enhanced by regular doses of massage.

A healthy human body is capable of pumping and distributing essential nutrients to all organs in the the body which helps the body function optimally. Body parts that benefits from this steady supply of body nutrients include the heart, the nervous and skeletal structure of the body.

Furthermore, the relaxation effects induced by the body helps with the easing of effects of stress and other neurological related conditions. The standout importance of massage is its ability to maintain a perfectly healthy endoskeleton structure which forms the foundation of the human physiology.

Differences Between Massage Chair Massage Therapist

However, the conventional hand massage is being rivaled by the technology-backed massage chair which has been a hit in many households recently.

The massage chairs have gotten the endorsements of several key health regulatory bodies with the FDA, the federal executive body charged with protecting the public health accrediting the tech.

However, fundamental questions still linger concerning the viability of these two forms of massaging. Some of the critical issues being raised include:

  • Are the effects of these two forms of massaging the same?
  • Which further raise the question, what are the differences in using these two forms of massage?
  • The touch

The human touch is natural and cannot be replaced by any other equipment. This because it is God-given and cannot be reproduced by any other instrument.

The massage chair has enhanced massaging effects which are facilitated by the soothing electrical spasms in massage chair.  But its results cannot compare to the enhanced relaxation and security effects induced by human touch.

The security assured by the human hand is integral because it makes the person being massaged to be relaxed despite their eyes being closed and being in the hands of a total stranger. The hand initiates a human connection which a massage chair does not provide.

These facts are backed by research. A study by the University of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah found that the human touch triggers a sense of happiness, security, and comfort on the nervous system. The nervous system responds by activating a hormone called oxytocin which regulates stress levels in the body.

The hormones coordinate the natural healing process with the assistance of the many nerves endings that run from the skin to the central nervous system, which is the brain.

  • Personalization

Massage chairs offer the exact amounts of stimulations that you have preset them to offer. However, the customization settings have limits that they cannot exceed which were restricted by the manufacturer. Therefore, the effects of your message chair are limited to a few routines which can be monotonous and restraining.

Furthermore, a professional hand masseuse has a depth of experience which they employ into their work to enhance the effects and customer experience. The human touch synonymous with hand massage is essential because it adds to the therapeutic effects on someone. The talking helps in maintaining a conversation between the masseuses and the client which induces relaxation which integral in therapy.

Professional masseuses use a dynamic approach to its work by offering clients the adjustments they want to make to reach their objectives.

However, what makes the engineered personalization effects of a mechanical massage chair better, is that you get to control the effects you want from the massage chair which places the control of your relaxation on your hand.

  • Reliability

Between having a chair massage in your house or visiting a brick and mortar massage parlor, which is the most convenient form of massage that can enhance consistency in your training routines?

The level of convenience of massage is overwhelming with the massage chair. A massage chair only requires purchasing, and after that, it becomes a personal property which you can install in any room in your home. Doing your massage from your home is a very appealing prospect and is an option very many people are adopting these days. The acceptance of this form of massage can be associated with the busy schedule of individuals who are juggling work with other responsibilities. The congestion of many activities in a single day makes it difficult to commit to a consistent massage regime.

But, if you can do your massage from anywhere you are, then why not? A massage chair facilitates the administration of massage from any place, at any time of day. Moreover, their portability which has enabled their use in homes has made them a hit for the working class who do not have time to go massage parlors for a hand massage.

  • Privacy

Massage in many of its forms involves surrendering the control of the entire body to a stranger and giving them unlimited access to the most private regions of your body. to make it worse, all this while, you have shut your eyes.

Many people always feel vulnerable in these kinds of situations where they surrender control to a masseuse. The unease can pose some obstacles in the achievement of the therapeutic effects of a massage.

However, there is a type of people who do not mind relinquishing partial power to control their body if it means getting the best healing and relaxation effects of a quality massage.

If you are very particular with issues of privacy, then the massage chair is the best choice for you. A massage chair can be mounted anywhere and, in many situations, people like to operate it from home. Home is a haven where people get to be themselves, and it can be a great place to have massages.

The privacy keeps someone calm and relaxes muscles and other body parts, a condition which promotes relaxation and effects of the massage to take place.

  • Cost

Cost is the key factor that epitomizes the massage chair vs massage therapist tag of war. Despite the arguments of all the other points on this list, cost plays the most significant role in choosing between a massage therapist and a massage chair.

According to experts, a well-designed and high-quality massage chair goes for about $850 while a single massage therapy session goes for an average of $60-$65 per single session. In the long term, a massage therapist is very expensive as compared to a massage chair.


The difference can go on and on but, the choice of massage therapy goes back to your lifestyle and preferences in life.

What Bed Size Should You Choose For Your Family

I don’t know whether or not you have ever bought a bed for yourself or family; there are reasons why people buy beds, to sleep at night, to relax or rest after a long day, and for spousal conjugal basic needs, among others. Regardless of your intentions of reading this article, one thing is true, comfort if fundamental in selecting a bed. Perhaps you consider buying one to be a very simple task, but wait until you get to the bottom of this chronicle to be amazed by the key aspects often ignored. Getting good value out of every dollar spent and available space is a good practice. By any chance, if you are wondering what bed size should you choose for your family or don’t know that you should care about it, this is the right page for you. In this article, I will guide you on how to choose the right bed size for yourself and family for value optimization, enjoy your reading.

Factors to consider in bed size selection

bed sizes

I acknowledge that different people have different preferences and needs and as such, I can’t envision your exact needs, but below are the general principles which people use to settle on their right bed size regardless of their preferences.

  1. Determine your budget. Decide the amount you want to set apart for purchasing your bed to avoid overspending and a financial dilemma. Beds can be very expensive or affordable depending on how you plan about it. I recommend that you search beds available on online stores because you can narrow down to only see beds which you can afford; this will help you avoid unnecessary yearning of beds that you can’t afford. Another aspect to consider during budgeting is the motivation behind the bed you need, if it’s just to meet fashion at the expense of your financial assurance, you’d rather think twice.
  2. Measure the space available for the bed. How big is your bedroom? I would prefer if you measure the length and width of your bed to determine the exact area. I am sure that you know that you will need space for movement, storage, and dressing in your bedroom; after factoring all other space needed, determine the space available for the bed. You are about to find all answers on what bed size should you choose for your family, but keep reading still, but this far you can’t buy a bed too big for your room or narrow space.
  3. Consider beds customized according to users. Parents seldom ask their children about their preference for a bed, just as toys, seats, and schools are decorated in many colors, children will be thrilled with colorful and shapely beds. Aged people will need a lower height bed since they have little-climbing energy. Adolescents might prefer loft portable beds which they can carry along with them to school. Tall beds are most preferred by tall people, they give room for storage of goods beneath them, chose wisely.
  4. Your future plans and current state. We are all on a certain level of personal development. Buy a bed that can fit your kid now but beware he or she will soon outgrow it. If you intend to marry soon, you will surely prefer a bigger bed, but if you’re just from college and starting life, you’re likely not to have enough space for a big bed. For guest rooms, generic beds are best because of the low frequency of their usage.
  5. Style your bed with your bedroom decor. If you’re stylish and love changing your decor, buy a bed that goes with many styles, but if most of your furniture is of a particular color, style or certain wood, let your bed be of the same nature. A set of furniture of the same color, construction, and style look amazing.
  6. Purchase a multi-purpose bed. For people who can’t afford big space and would like to also use their bedroom for an office, TV room or any other purpose, beds which fold up are the most preferred. Some beds fold up and disappear to the wall when not in use while others fold to comfortable couches for relaxing, the choice is yours.
  7. Let your family accompany you to make a purchase. No one can accurately predict how it feels like unless he or she lies on it. Let your family members go with you to the store, test their bed by lying on it before buying. Also, purchasing your bed together with your spouse will definitely lead to a fulfilling bed experience.
  8. Buy an adjustable bed. People with back problems often find it hard and unhealthy to sleep on normal beds. If you’re buying an adjustable bed for such, then a spring or slat bed is the most recommended. 
  9. Think about the mattress to be used. Most beds must be accompanied by a mattress to be whole; it’s better to buy both at the same time. However, if you intend to use your already existing spring mattress, then you can only buy a spring bed. Let the thought of a mattress always accompany the plan for bed purchase.
  10. Buy your pet a bed. Your dog deserves decent treatment also. The following are the things to consider in buying your dog a bed.

By the mere fact that you have read this narrative to this line, you are no longer worried about what bed size should you choose for your family, depending on your preferences, situation, nature of your family, and available funds, among others, select aptly. Below are some of the sizes that the market offers.


People who are not properly guided have had to spend cash for little benefits, whether by choice or luck, you have joined the league of informed people who will derive maximum benefits every time they buy a bed and bedding for their family. Not every seemingly simple thing is simple, I am glad that you are knowledgeable. Thank you for choosing us to educate you.